Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grocery Shopping In a Small Town

We went grocery shopping today, and spent roughly $300.  As we drove home with a back seat completely full, we compared our shopping experience in Yuma, to our shopping experience if we were to drive to Fort Morgan or Sterling.  We discovered that we were able to drive 2 blocks to the grocery store, get our groceries, and be back home in less than one hour.  We also saved a 1/2 tank of diesel fuel, which is the equivalent of about $60.  Sure it would probably of been about $20 cheaper to purchase the groceries at Walmart, but you know what I enjoy most of all about Shop-All in Yuma...the clerks are friendly, the baggers take the groceries to your vehicle for you, and they also take your cart back.  I hate bagging my own groceries at Walmart, and having a cashier that would rather be anywhere else but where he/she is working.
I will continue to buy my groceries in a small town.  Thank you Shop-All for making my shopping experience a good one.

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